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Amon Düül II: 1969.xx.xx - Munich (VG Aud) [FLAC]

Amon Düül II
Munich (München), Blow up Club

1.Improvisation (35:58)
2.Kanaan (5:38)

1.Phallus Dei (24:46)
2.Luzifers Ghilom (10:14)
3.Improvisation (24:57)

lineage: aud. tape unknoen gen. > cool edit > CDR > flac

This is NOT from the "Flashback & Freeky" Bootleg. It's the same recording, but a different generation tape (which I got in the mid 80s)
In my opinion it's a somewhat clearer listening.
Some of you will notice that the 2nd improvisation is shorter than on the FF-Boot.
This is because on the tape a huge section of the track is repeated and additionally contained something not of this concert.
I removed this, so this makes the track 18min shorter, but complete.
This tape transfer and editing was a lot of work, which was done 9 years ago with cool edit software.

This is Krautrock History. The only know live recording of 1969 of Amon Düül II.
Qualiy isn't the best, but worth having.


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  1. Hello, is there any chance you could re-upload this show and the 1976.12.25 - Weißenohe show?

    Thank you for your time!

  2. Please re-upload! Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Please re-upload! Thanks so much for sharing.